CBM hosted a virtual information session in December 2021 to provide an update about the project. Click here for more information.

CBM has prepared responses to FAQs that were raised during the virtual public meetings held in March/April 2021 and other consultation completed for the proposed project. CBM is currently sorting through the questions received during the December 2021 virtual information session, and will update the FAQs to address the questions received at the session. Click here for more information.

Special Announcement

During the December 1, 2021 project information update session, CBM announced that we will be excluding the southernmost 88 acres of land (outlined and shaded in orange in the figure below) from any future licence application, and for the entirety of the life of any potential quarry that may be approved. In addition to this exclusion, over the next while CBM will be exploring what we can do with these lands that will be directly beneficial to the community. We are very excited by the opportunity that this presents and look forward to working with the neighbours and community at large on what this might mean in the future. As mentioned during the update session, if you have any ideas that you would like us to consider please email David Hanratty, Director of Land & Resources, North America at: david.hanratty@vcimentos.com. We will provide on-going updates to the community as plans progress regarding these lands.

Company Profile

CBM Aggregates is a leading supplier of stone, sand and gravel used to support new construction, modernization and infrastructure development and improvements vital to the economic health, well-being and growth of Ontario.

CBM Aggregates safely operates nearly 60 pits and quarries in Ontario. As part of St Marys Cement Inc. (Canada), founded in 1912, CBM has a long history of working closely with communities to minimize the influence of our operations, manage environmental effects and maximize our positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. CBM also supplies ready-mixed concrete for major projects and award-winning structures, including CN tower.

Canada Building Materials (CBM) and St Marys Cement Inc. (Canada) are part of the North American operations of international building materials supplier, Votorantim Cimentos. More information can be found at www.canadabuildingmaterials.com.

The Project – Proposed CBM Caledon Quarry

CBM is exploring the opportunity and feasibility of developing a quarry in the vicinity of Charleston Sideroad and Main Street/Regional Road 136 in the Town of Caledon. The lands in this area are identified as High Priority Aggregate Resource (Bedrock) Lands on the CHPMARA (Caledon High Priority Mineral Aggregate Resource Area) Prioritization Plan (Schedule L in the Town of Caledon's Official Plan). This reflects the fact that the bedrock in this area is considered a significant, high-quality resource in the province. CBM has commenced the exploratory process, and initiated field work and multiple studies in February 2020 which will assist in understanding the feasibility for extraction on these lands before a licence application can be submitted to the province and the municipality for consideration. These field investigations are ongoing.

We want to highlight that just because the resource is beneficial, it doesn’t mean that CBM is able to simply buy the land and start extracting without completing a thorough assessment, review and application process involving the province and municipality. The very thorough process that CBM will be undertaking includes at least 2 years of field work, studies and community involvement before a municipal application or a licence application (proposal to extract the resource) are submitted for consideration. Once the applications are submitted, they are evaluated by professionals from the appropriate government and environmental agencies tasked with ensuring the safety of the community and compliance of the project with the appropriate regulatory requirements, and by peer reviewers engaged by the municipality. During all of this, CBM is committed to keeping the community informed, by providing information to review, and by gathering input and addressing people's concerns.

CBM initiated technical studies in early 2020 to further evaluate the area and explore the feasibility of a future application. These studies are ongoing. Since February 2020, neighbours may have noticed some exploratory drilling in the area, or people walking in the fields. This is all part of the information gathering that we will be completing over the coming years that will assist in determining the feasibility for the proposed extraction and to support the required applications that may be filed with the local municipality for municipal approvals under the Planning Act, and with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for provincial approvals under the Aggregate Resources Act. Once the applications are filed, the approvals process generally continues for a number of years, while reviews are being completed and comments are being addressed.

CBM has been engaging about this project with local governmental representatives since summer of 2019, and with the public and Indigenous communities since the fall of 2019.

Contact Us

Your input is an important part of the planning process. Details of public information sessions and opportunities for input will be posted on the Talking to Our Community page as they are scheduled. If you’d like to join our mailing list, have questions, or would like to provide comments please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

David Hanratty, P.Geo.
Director of Land, Resources and Environment, North America
Email: David.Hanratty@vcimentos.com
Phone: (705) 930-6180

Mike Le Breton
Land & Resources Manager, Eastern Ontario
Email: Mike.Lebreton@vcimentos.com
Phone: (905) 410-2900